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Local History Indexes Here, you may search through the microfilm records of the Northville Record, which comprises 513,775 records. These indexes allow you to search subjects, names and headlines between the years 1869 to 1924 and 1990 to 1995. By default, the search will be for all fields. Most results include links to the issue contained in the Northville Historic Records.

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Quick Tips
  • Early editions of the Northville Record have no page numbers. The numbers presented in the database are based on the order of the newspaper pages as seen on the microfilm. As a result of this, sometimes the front page is referred to as page 2 in the index.

  • You can use "" to search for exact results. For example, if you wanted only results containing "northville schools" (that is the word northville, followed by a space, followed by schools in that exact order), you can use quotes to do achieve this. Please note that quotes are a very refined way a searching and will only match records which EXACTLY match what you put in.

  • You can use ~ to exclude results. For example, if you want to search for "smith herman" but you want to exclude any results which contain "smitherman" you can enter "smith herman ~smitherman". You can also use this with quoted searches, for example, you can do ~"smith herman" to exclude any results with "smith herman" in them.

  • The search is performed for both headlines and subjects. When it searches, it looks for any set of characters in either field that matches any of the search terms you entered.

  • The from and to year boxes can be used to limit results based on a year range. For example, you can enter From year: 1880 to 1900 to limit your search to those years alone. You can leave either one blank as well. Leaving the from year blank will search from 1869 onward. Leaving the to year blank will search up to the current year. And of course, leaving both blank will search ignoring the years altogether.

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